The Sporades Islands

Sporades are a group of islands in the east coast of Greece, very close and easily reached from the city of Volos (capital of Magnesia county). They are widely known for their beauty, nightlife, magnificent lush pine forests, unique wetland and crystal-clear azure waters. Skiathos is more of a cosmopolitan, attracting younger ages, and the others are rather preferred by those fond of a naturalistic atmosphere.

Some of the best beaches are:
The famous Koukounaries and Lalaria (Skiathos) well organised, where pine needles "touch" the water, Agnontas (Skopelos) with the best fish food, and Agios Dimitrios (Alonissos), the biggest and perhaps one of the best beaches on the island.

You should taste:
Lobster with pasta and local sweets (Skiathos and Skyros), or the traditional cheese pie (skopelitiki), at Skopelos.

Main islands are:

Alonissos island

Skiathos island

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