The Dodecanese Islands

They are the most south-eastern island complex of Aegean Sea and the sunniest corner in Greece. Rhodes is obviously among the most famous islands in the world, with preserved medieval 'Old City', magnificent treasures and spectacular festivals, events and monuments.
Kos will give you everything you might dream for your vacation, and Simi, Halki and the other smaller islands will guarantee peaceful, relaxing and memorable holidays, experiencing a unique atmosphere.
Twelve exceptional destinations, and numerous smaller islets surrounded by picturesque sandy beaches, turquoise waters, archaeological sites, and monuments, museums and traditional settlements.

Choose among several events, bars and cosmopolitan nightlife, or discover lesser-known, unspoiled destinations, lush vegetation and remarkable neo-classical villages and towns.
Old City will captivate you with its imposing Byzantine and medieval monuments and the unique Palace of the Grand Master, the most impressive building in the whole island, or the famous Street of the Knights. Feel for a moment like a holy warrior in his shining armour, or a noble princess walking around the medieval castle with its seven gates.

Some of the best beaches are:
Kiotari and Genadi (Rhodes), Tingaki (Kos), Psili Ammos (Patmos), and Ai-Giorgis at Simi.

You should taste:
Cuttlefish and rice, 'pitaroudia' (meatballs with herbs) and local baby goats served in traditional taverns of Rhodes, fine wines (Rhodes) and 'Soumada' local drink from Nisiros.

Main islands are:

Rhodes Island

Kos Island

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